From Airport, Citybus A21 (The Popular Choice) HK$33 50 Minutes

Travel Time: 50 minutes Cost: HK$ 33.00

Airport bus A21 is the most popular method to get to Cosmic. It’s HK$33 to get to Tsim Sha Tsui. It takes 45 – 90 minutes (varies with traffic).

Airport bus is the most popular method to get to Cosmic. Before you head toward the bus station, make sure you have enough cash on you. It’s HK$33 to get to Tsim Sha Tsui. The Airbus Station is located near Hall B on the Arrivals Level (Level 5) of Hong Kong International Airport.

Find the bus stand for A21 Airport <-> Hung Hom KCR Station Route. You will see a map of the terminal. There is usually a lineup of around 10. The bus departs approximately every 15 minutes.

When you are on the bus, be sure to first secure your luggage then find a sit on the lower level. In 45 – 90 minutes (varies with traffic) you will reach the 13th stop – 82- 84 Nathan Road near Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Exit B1). See link bellow for detail:

Then keep walking in the direction where the bus is going (i.e. stay on Nathan Road, do not make turns).  After you’ve passed Carnarvon Road, Mirardor Mansion will be on your left.  Keep walking and you should see Mirardor Mansion entrance.

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Take that entrance (there should be an Exchange Shop on the right side inside the entrance), you should see elevator on your right side.  Please ignore anyone who claims to be us, we do not send staffs to lure customers from the street.  Our building is equipped with 3 sets of elevators. Do not take the set for cargos. Take the set that is nearest to Nathan Road entry. Take the elevator that goes to 12/F (there are two elevators, one goes to odd floor, one goes to even floor).  When you exit at the 12/F, you should see us on your right hand side.