I would like to check-in in the morning and check out in the afternoon. How can I reserve?

This is considered as same day check-in & out. No booking is necessary. You may just walk-in and request a room for approximately HKD$150. You may give us a call when you arrive at the airport to inquire the status.  There is a free local phone located in the area between baggage claiming area and exit to the lobby.  You may inquire with the airport staff in the baggage claiming area.

I made a booking online for one room, but I received multiple room numbers in my confirmation e-mail. Is this an error?

You may ignore the numbers. They are for internal reference only.

What is the nearest MTR subway station?

Thank you for your enquiry. We are right on top of the Tsim Sha Tsui station. We are virtually ZERO minute away from the station because our building are surrounded by 3 station exists. See map for detail.

Do you provide shuttle service?

Unfortunately, we currently do not provide air port shuttle service. Transportation fees are not included in our rates and quotations. To come to our guesthouse from airport, you may take the airport bus A21(to Hung Hom). It’s only HKD$33/person. See here for direction detail:

If you have a group big enough for a 20 person bus, then we can assist you in booking a shuttle bus.

Are your hotel rates tax inclusive?

Hotel tax or other tax type do not apply to us guest houses. All our rates and quotations are final value.

Is luggage storage free?

On the day of your check-out, storage is free until 5 pm. Afterward, there will be a charge of HKD$20/luggage/day.

What If I want to check-out before your office opens in the morning?

Please perform the check-out procedure before our office closes the night prior to your departure.

Can I check out later than 11am?

There will be a charge of HKD$20 per hour until 3pm. Then half day charge if check-out between 3pm to 6pm. And then full day charge if check-out after 6pm.

Can I check in early in the morning or before 1pm?

Yes. If you arrive early, you may keep your luggage in our storage room, finish all the check in procedure and come back at a later time for the key to your room.

Can I check in as late as after midnight? Will there be someone at the reception?

If you are checking in very late, please send as an e-mail in advance. We will staff our reception until your arrival. We will appreciate if you can give us a call when you arrive at the airport.  There is a free local phone located in the area between baggage claiming area and exit to the lobby.  You may inquire with the airport staff in the baggage claiming area.

How early in advance can I make a booking?

We accept booking 6 months in advance. Rates and availability beyond 6 months from now are not available. You may use our current pricing for reference. Rates usually do not differ more than 20%.

Does hot water for shower runs 24 hours?

Yes, hot water runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have air-conditioner and heater in the rooms?

Air-conditioner YES but heater NO. Hong Kong is just not cold enough for heaters. Just like how you don't need Air-conditioner in Los Angeles.

Are bed Linen, pillows, blankets, cloth hangers, soap, shampoo, toilet paper provided?

Yes. Bed Linen, pillows, blankets, cloth hangers, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper are all provided.

Do you have refrigerator, hair dryer, and water boiler in the room?

Refrigerator, hair dryer, and water boiler are available shared in the hallways near your room.

Do you have a kitchen with cooking utilities?

Unfortunately, for fire safety concern, a licensed Guest House cannot provide cooking utilities. We DO have microwave at the reception that you can always borrow. Boiled hot drinking water is also available in the hallways.
Unfortunately, licensed Guest House cannot provide cooking utilities because of fire safety concern. We do have microwave at the reception that you can always borrow.

Do you have dormitory beds? How can I reserve it?

The price for dormitory range from HKD$60/person/nigh to HKD$70/person/night. Please be aware that, dormitory is not available for booking.  It is often occupied by guest paying on day-by-day basis. Therefore it is hard to predict it’s vacancy. They are on first-come-first-serve basis. We would suggest you to come at around 11am or noon when most people are checking out.  It is the time that we will most likely have rooms available for you. Alternately, you may consider booking Single Ensuite (1 Double Bed) for the first night.

I have a Visa or MasterCard, but PayPal won't take it. What can I do?

You may leave us with your credit card info so that we can charge your card directly: We'll need your Full Name on Card, Card Number, and Expiry Date.

Can I make a reservation with out a deposit?

I'm sorry but a deposit is always required. A reservation is only valid if a deposit has been received and confirmed by us.

I don't have Credit Card to make a deposit, can I still make a reservation?

If you are located in China, you can transfer the deposit into our Bank Of China banking account in China.

If you are located in Hong Kong or you've got a friend in Hong Kong, the deposit can be transferred into our Bank Of China banking account in Hong Kong.

If you are located elsewhere in the world, you can try signing up a PayPal account. PayPal works with major banks in many countries. You can fund your PayPal account by providing PayPal your banking information. The process is free but will take 2+ business days.

International bank wire transfer is usually not preferred since there will be a processing fee on both the receiver and sender side approximately USD$20-35. Western Union, however, is cheaper at only HKD$150 transaction fee. This option would be ideal for large group booking.

Please note that In order to secure a booking, a deposit is always required.

Why is there no picture with some room types?

We are working on them. Taking panoramic pictures of the rooms is a labor intensive task. Please be patient. The pictures will be up soon. Please be aware that requesting photos of room by e-mail is meaningless, since if we DO have the picture, we will update the web page immediately.

What does Landline number mean?

Landline number means a phone number that is NOT mobile (such as cell-phone or pager)

Will the rooms we booked be exactly the same as the room in the pictures?

It depends on the room type chosen. Some room types are unique with only one matching room, others have multiple matching rooms. In that case it will NOT be exactly the same but very closely similar.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still make a payment?

Yes. PayPal account is NOT required in order to make a payment. Follow the booking instructions. When you get to the PayPal payment page, just click "Continue" under "Don't have a PayPal account?" message. It will bring you to a form where you can fill out your credit card information. Click the thumbnails on the right to see the screen shots.